Local Development Watch

The purpose of this page is to raise awareness of the community of  development applications submitted to the TRC which may impact on the character and/or environment of Highfields. The intent of recording these submissions here is to reduce the chance of  impact assessable applications (require public notification, submissions accepted), slipping past unnoticed. Those which are deemed code assessable will also be flagged where they warrant scrutiny of their potential impacts.

The development applications identified on this page are freely available on the Toowoomba Regional Council PD-Online facility.  This list may not be inclusive of all recent/current applications, or those which have been approved some time ago and not currently in the PD Online system.

Most recent applications at the top of the list.


Lodged with TRC 28 August 2017. Penny Rd – New England Highway. Material change of use. Development of short term accommodation (126 units), conference venue & caretaker’s accommodation. This application is impact assessable. Dates for public comment will be updated later in the approvals process (click on the image below to go to the TRC PD online site and view documents).