February 15 2018. TRC requests more information. 60 day halt to DA assessment.

On 15 February 2018, the TRC Development Services planner wrote to the developer requesting additional information. In response to this request, the developer has requested (and received from the TRC) a 60 day halt to the assessment of the application whilst they gather the necessary information.

In summary, the issues outstanding are:

  1. The layout of the development in relation to Reis Rd
    1. Currently the proposal is to have 24 of the 48 houses exiting directly onto Reis Rd; 24 driveways and one access road between Kuhls Rd and the creek.
    2. the TRC has requested that a design for Reis Rd, which includes the retention of existing trees in the roadside reserve, be submitted for consideration
    3. The TRC is seeking further information on the impacts of the development on the Reis Rd/O’Brien Rd/Wirraglen Rd intersection.
  2. Water 
    1. modelling required to demonstrate that acceptable water pressure can be achieved
  3. Sewerage
    1. The TRC is uncertain about the timeframe for the installation of the Wirraglen pump station. Consequently,
    2. they are requesting the applicant submit an alternative arrangement for the wastewater generated by the development.
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